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Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information
Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information

Idaho Hot Springs

With a variety of Idaho hot springs, ranging from developed to natural and riverside to mountainside, a serene escape awaits you. Enjoy a luxurious dip in a modern, resort-style oasis or a relaxing soak surrounded by untouched scenic beauty. Thanks to its geography and geology, Idaho is home to more soakable hot springs than any other state in the U.S. These famed hydrothermal pools are a treasure to behold and protect. Make sure you have all the details you need before you take the plunge.

Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information

Idaho Hot Springs Map

Plan your geothermal getaway to developed hot springs throughout the state with the help of the Visit Idaho Travel Assistant.

An Idaho hot springs map showing the location of Easley Hot Springs.
Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information

From an evening escape at the Lava Hot Springs World Famous Hot Pools to a road-trip itinerary that hits all the coolest Idaho hot springs, these travel tips will inspire you to discover the state’s hydrothermal hot spots.

Know Before You Go

Review these frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your adventure at Idaho hot springs.

What is a developed hot spring?

Developed hot springs are commercial attractions on private property, often require an entrance fee and typically offer on-site amenities like restrooms and trash facilities.

What is a natural hot spring?

Natural hot springs are undeveloped areas on public lands. Some have no amenities on-site, while others, like Kirkham Hot Springs, offer basic facilities such as vault toilets.

What should I know before going to hot springs in Idaho?

It’s important to determine the type of hot spring—developed or natural—you are going to. Proper attire, a towel and drinking water are necessities no matter which Idaho hot springs you visit. Some developed hot springs offer towel rentals, but be sure to verify online ahead of time.

How many hot springs are in Idaho?

While there are more than 200 natural hot springs in Idaho, 120+ are soakable, meaning the water source’s temperature and quality is safe for submersion.

When are hot springs open in Idaho?

Many developed hot springs are open year-round. In the spring, natural hot springs can experience an increase in water flow due to snowmelt, which can flood the area and lower the water temperature. Always check conditions before you go to make sure it is possible to access the hot springs you want to visit.

Are reservations required at hot springs?

Certain developed hot springs require reservations. Visit their websites for more details.

Are hot springs accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Some developed hot springs, such as Lava Hot Springs and Downata Hot Springs, are wheelchair accessible. Check websites for additional information.

Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information
Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information
Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information
Idaho Hot Springs Map & Travel Information

Tips for a Safe & Successful Soak

Idaho hot springs formed as a result of the area’s geological and hydrothermal makeup, with many located on the Idaho batholith, a roughly 13,500-square-mile mountainous region shaped by the collision of tectonic plates. These delicate, natural spaces have been a part of the state’s ecosystem for thousands of years, and it is imperative that everyone who enjoys Idaho hot springs helps to keep them pristine and welcoming for all for years to come.

Care for Idaho

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Whether you’re enjoying a dip in developed or natural hot springs, strive to leave the area as you found it (or better!). If there are no restrooms or trash facilities, take any waste you may have accumulated with you.

Care for Yourself

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Trying to figure out what you should bring on your visit to Idaho hot springs? This checklist has you covered, but be sure to check the weather before you head out. If you feel overheated during your soak, take a break and hydrate.

Care for Others

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When visiting Idaho hot springs, stay coolheaded and be considerate of other soakers. Keep noise levels to a minimum so others can relax in these natural wonders. It’s also vital to remember that natural hot springs don’t have drains, so anything on your skin when you get in is there to stay. To avoid disturbing the balance of naturally occurring minerals, never add anything to the water—that includes sunscreen or lotion on your skin and human waste.