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Things to Do

When you plan to visit Idaho, it’s easy to fill up your valuable vacation days with everything under the sun (literally—Boise, Idaho’s capital city, boasts 200+ sunny days per year). The list of things to do in Idaho crosses all four seasons, and selecting any of these adventures will surely create an unforgettable Gem State getaway.

Things To Do

Your Getaway Game Plan

Find the right route for your trip with the Visit Idaho Travel Assistant, an interactive map that you can filter to your vacation preferences.

Things To Do

Explore by Activity

Idaho attractions are as diverse and varied as your interests, so dive in and start planning your trip.

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Things To Do

Accessible Adventures

Want to get a feel for accessible options across the state?

Things To Do

Find the Right Fit

Selecting an outfitter is an essential first step for many things to do in Idaho, from horseback riding and off-roading to whitewater rafting and jet boating. If you are interested in connecting with an outfitter or guide during your Idaho getaway, check out these resources.

Things To Do
An interpretive trail sign before a sprawling field at Minidoka National Historic Site.
Aerial view of the Heart of the Monster.

& Culture
Up Close

In Idaho, opportunities abound to walk in the footsteps of those who made their mark on the Gem State. Learn about historical sites and important cultural stories, and then visit the areas to complete your journey.

Do Your Best to Do Your Part

From fire safety and sun protection to respectful interactions with wildlife and other outdoor adventurers, traveling with care starts with educating yourself on how to keep Idaho a welcoming and awe-inspiring place for future visitors.