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Sample Spirits at Idaho Distilleries
Distilleries in Idaho


 Neat or on the rocks, shaken or stirred into a craft cocktail—high-quality spirits are served in Idaho’s distillery tasting rooms, which range from no-frills to trendy. The Gem State’s semi-arid climate, diverse soil types and long growing season create an ideal environment for a variety of crops that contribute to a burgeoning spirit scene.

While there are many distilleries in Idaho, these featured locations are open to visitors for tours, tastings, cocktails and more.

Feature image credited to: Up North Distillery

Did You Know?

Idaho is home to seven distilleries with tasting rooms for visitors to sample spirits such as vodka, bourbon, brandy, rum, gin, whiskey and moonshine.

Distilleries in Idaho

Up North Distillery prides itself on a “farm to the flask” distilling process and transforms locally grown and foraged ingredients into concoctions like the North Idaho Pine Liqueur.

Distilleries in Idaho

Bardenay is the nation’s first restaurant distillery and has three Idaho locations in Boise, Eagle and Coeur d’Alene, each producing a different spirit.

How Is an Idaho Spirit Made?

1. Meet Your Mash

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Distilleries in Idaho