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At Home in Idaho

At Home in Idaho

Welcome to Visit Idaho’s activity page. Whether you’re looking for an educational activity for the kids, a challenging crossword puzzle, or a whimsical coloring page to brighten up your day, we’ve got it.

top view of a glass jar of crayons sitting on top of a coloring sheet and a child's hand holding a crayon
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Coloring Pages & Puzzles

All Ages

Pssst! These aren’t just for the kiddos! Grab some crayons for both you and your pint-sized Picasso and unwind with these charming Idaho-themed coloring pages.

From Idaho-based artist The Dapper Jackalope.

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Word Searches

Ages 7+

Word slayers, don your writing utensil of choice! Embark on an epic word quest and along the way, discover things you never knew about Idaho.

the word dream spelled out in scrabble tiles, surrounded by blank tiles

Crossword Puzzles

Ages 12+

So you think you know Idaho? Ready your pencils, or pens if you’re feeling bold! Test your knowledge of the Gem State with some challenging crossword puzzles.

closeup of a hand holding a pen to paper and drawing a lightbulb beside the words be creative

Mad Libs

Ages 7+

Who doesn’t love braiding the mane of a purple Appaloosa or juggling hairy huckleberries? Check out our Mad Libs and create crazy Idaho-inspired stories of your own.

Zoom Background Activity Header

Zoom Backgrounds

All Ages

Elevate your next conference call or virtual happy hour with a breathtaking backdrop, courtesy of Idaho’s natural beauty.

360-degree Virtual Tours Cover

360 Videos

All Ages

We all know there’s nothing quite like Idaho IRL, but these 360 videos might just be the next best thing.

Idaho Spotify Playlist Header

Spotify Playlist

All Ages

In need of some fresh tunes? Check out our Spotify playlist featuring Idaho artists including Josh Ritter and Built to Spill.

Idaho Virtual Tours Header

Virtual Tours & Live Cams

All Ages

It’s time for a (virtual) field trip. Bask in the tranquil beauty of Shoshone Falls and then head over to the Warhawk Air Museum for some high-flying history… all in one afternoon.